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Tiedown Program Maps & Frequently Asked Questions

At what airports is DOT&PF charging for aircraft tiedowns?
See airport list below and select map of tiedown locations.

NOTE: The maps below are presented in PDF format. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to open them.

Can I let others use my tiedown space?
You may not transfer, assign, sublet or loan an assigned space to another person, or allow an aircraft that is not listed on the permit in your space.
Can there be more than one aircraft listed on a permit?
Yes, you may list multiple aircraft with more than one owner, as long as only one aircraft occupies the space at a time.
Can I make automatic recurring payments?
Yes, you can be set up for auto-pay. Either submit an auto-pay authorization form or provide the payment information at the bottom of the invoice and initial to authorize automatic recurring charges.
How do I pay my tiedown fees on eLeasing?
The first time you make a payment online, you have to associate your customer information with the billing. You can do this at any time. When you get an invoice, below the invoice number is a contract number beginning with T. Log into eLeasing and scroll down to Look Up Contracts. Enter T and the number and select Lookup. Verify that this brought up your customer information and select "Yes".
The next time you want to make a payment online, after logging in, scroll down to Pay Invoices where any outstanding invoices should be.
What if I paid tiedown fees and then want to cancel the permit?
Other than the application fee and the initial non-refundable fees, any whole months paid beyond the date of notice of cancellation will be refunded.
Is there transient parking available?
Transient aircraft parking is also available at the airports listed above except for Nome City Field. The fee is $5 per day after the first 24 hours for light aircraft. The fee for heavy aircraft is the greater of $10.00 or $1.00 per 1000 pounds, rounded to the nearest 1000 pounds, CMGTW of the aircraft.
There are fee envelopes and iron ranger pay stations at each airport.