Alaska Class Ferry Conceptual Drawing

Governor Sean Parnell announced in the fall of 2014 that the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities and Vigor Industrial have reached a final agreement to construct two Day Boat Alaska Class Ferries at Vigor Alaska in Ketchikan.The ferries will be 280- feet long, seat up to 300 passengers and carry 53 standard vehicles. Each ferry will feature bow and stern doors for quicker loading and unloading, fully enclosed car decks and controllable pitch propellers to maximize maneuverability and efficiency. A modified hull design will greatly improve traveler comfort during rough weather. The State was able to incorporate public input into the final design of the ferries while keeping the project within budget.The vessels are scheduled for delivery in 2018.

Project Update: 11-01-15

The module number diagram and erection sequence of an Alaska Class Ferry © Alaska Marine Highway System

General construction progress has been inspected at Vigor Alaska's shipyard in Ketchikan, AK on October 26th by the AMHS Project team and Elliott Bay Design Group. Progress to date is looking good. The Day Boats are being constructed in modules that will be fit together from the hull upward, moving from bow to stern. Click on either image to start a slideshow depicting the current progress.

Multiple modules are currently under construction. Plating and parts for module #7 have arrived and construction of this module will begin as work on the other modules continues. Steel construction of module #4 was recently completed and it has been lifted, rotated and placed on top of the vehicle deck of Module #2. Much of the shell plating has now also been completed on Module #1.

The bow thruster tunnel extension plates were rolled at Seattle Boiler Works, and have arrived. Workers are now welding the cylinders together, and performing final grinding. A wide variety of material is on site which will be used for outfitting the ship during the construction of the modules. Completion of the parts that comprise Modules #5 & 23 are now complete for the Day Boats and are stored outside the building hall.